The Official One24 Review: Unique Company Or Just Another Scam


Are you considering joining One24?  Then hold off until you read this in depth unbiased review.  As with all my reviews, let me tell you that I am not affiliated with One24 in anyway, so you can rest assured that the information you receive is completely genuine.

I’m gonna give you everything you’ll need in order to make an informed decision on whether One 24 is the right business for you.  You’ll get the scoop on the owners, the products, their unusual comp plan, the cost to join, plus how you can sponsor more reps should you decide to join.

The Founder

One 24 was founded by Mark Seyforth,who has been a giant in the industry for many decades.  He is also credited with developing many compensation plans, including the one for Herbalife.  Over his career, Mark has enrolled well over a hundred thousand reps and generated over $100 million in sales.  So while they’re is relatively new (launched in August 2010), it’s founder does have a reliable background which gives the company some credibility.

Natraburst – The One24 Product

one24 scamThe company’s only product is NatraBurst.  It’s described as a super foods blend that is high in fiber, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, pre-biotics and pro-biotics.  Of course, it claims to among other things, increase energy, promote fat loss, reduce appetite, promote healthy skin, etc.  But can you name me one mlm nutritional product, that doesn’t have these exact claims?

It can be particularly hard to build these types of businesses as the market is so saturated.  There are currently 4800 health/nutritional companies in mlm out of 5000 total mlm companies.  Not to mention the competition from your local health food, vitamin or grocery store.

The One24 Comp Plan

Now, this is where it gets really interesting.  There are no start-up costs to join One 24.  Anyone wanting to join must first be placed on a waiting list.  You see One24 reps are only allowed to sponsor one person a month.  They claim that after 24 months, you’ll be making a substantial amount of money, living the lifestyle of your dreams.  (Hence why the company is named One24).  Only time will tell if this is true.

The only exception to that is called “The Gold Rush”, which takes place on the 24th of each month.  At that time, those reps who haven’t sponsored their one person, have to release that slot to those who have.

Now once a slot opens up for you, you then become a preferred customer (rep) and are eligible to receive bonuses (commissions).  You will receive 24 “Green Tickets”.  These tickets are used to take people off of your personal waiting list, using one “Green Ticket” per month.

There are four income levels:  Green, Silver, Gold and Platinum; although it is not crystal clear to me how you are to move between levels.  There are also various bonus pools you can qualify for at each level.

You will also receive a whopping $1.50 per product order in your downline.  So can you make money with One24?  Yes, just not a whole lot and not very fast.

The Bottom Line With One24 & How You Can Recruit Reps

one 24

Is One24 Really A Scam Or Not?

I know you’re waiting for this one question?  Is One 24 a scam?  I don’t think so.  They have solid leadership.  It’s certainly too soon to predict if they’ll be here for the long haul, but just based on the track record of the leadership, they have the potential.  On the flip side, most mlm companies go out of business within 2 years, especially those in the highly competitive health and nutrition market .

The key for you to stand out and succeed in One24 is going to be a matter of recruiting.  You make money by recruiting, period.

In order to recruit more people, you’ll need a steady flow of prospects to present your opportunity to.  If you’re going to join One24 or you’re already in, you must embrace the concept of online lead generation and attraction marketing.

A self-branded attraction marketing system used along side your business will put you on the fast track to success.  Without leads to talk to, you will fail in your attempts to build your business, no matter how appealing One24 may be.

But, with consistent quality leads coming in, there’s no stopping you building your One24 business.

I can’t make the decision as to whether or not One24 is the best fit you you, but I can tell you with 100% certainty that if you don’t learn how to brand yourself, effectively market and generate your own leads, you will not have success.

CLICK HERE to see the EXACT system I’ve used to generate 4,673 qualified leads, sponsor over 200 people, PLUS make money from people that don’t join my primary business.  Just imagine what that will do for your One24 business!

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About The Author: Fontella Williams

Fontella Williams has been an online network and internet marketer for nearly 4 years. She has experienced the failures, lows and struggles of entrepreneurship, yet has come out on TOP. Her main objective is to help educate and empower home based business owners, so that they can AVOID the pitfalls and traps of this industry set by the "GURUS". She is on a a mission to change lives and help create financial freedom for those who are HUNGRY enough to pursue it. If that is you, CLICK HERE to work directly with her.

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  1. One24
    4 years ago

    I believe one24 will make it through it’s first two years. That’s interesting to know about that most mlm fall through after 2 years, but I’m sure with this new linear plan it’s going to prove it self in the mlm niche. Great review overall.
    One24´s last [type] ..One24 Gold Rush Explained In-Depth

  2. Brandon
    4 years ago

    This is not a mlm company. It is a IRP, Incentivized Referral Plan. The product is keeping the inflammation in my colon down due to colitis. I know people on a personal level who benefit from NatraBurst as well. Check it out and do your homework. The compensation plan is working as it is suppose to. My checks have increased by more than 150% each month. It’s a great product and a great company.

    Fontella Williams Reply:

    I think you should do your research. One24 is indeed a mlm company. The IRP that you speak of is the type of compensation plan which is a linear plan.

    The mere facts that there is recruiting, multiple levels and product distribution make s it a multi-level marketing company. You make it seem like mlm is a bad word, when indeed it is a legitimate business model and extraordinary industry. I would be leery of any company or person that wants to say defiantly that their company is not mlm, when it obviously is. Either you don’t believe in the company or you don’t believe in the product.

    I think it’s just your misunderstanding because I know many people in One24 who indeed call it a mlm.

  3. Rich O
    4 years ago

    The slow growth factor is what attracted me because you don’t have to beat yourself over the head to find 12 people the first month to start making some money. I know people in this who have gotten paid and they never made a dime in typical MLM businesses. The great part is no huge sign up fee or a boat load of money each month for online business site as many companies charge $30-$50 a month. I retired with a Fortune 1000 company as a direct sales rep and had thousands of customers, then the company stepped in and decided to not honor their contract anymore when it was all said and done I ended up with a lousy $15k payoff, 1/4 the amount of my yearly residuals. So I’m very skeptical of these companies but this seems to be legit. But I will tell you the 6 years I sat at home not working while the checks came in weekly was real nice.

  4. Rich O
    4 years ago

    One24 never makes a claim their not an MLM, matter fact they tout of their previous relationships with Herbalife. I think he is confused at the type of recruiting concept, it truly can be a IRP, but that method is a very slow growth (Eye Of The Turtle, is how I heard it explained) but it will eventually grow into a good income. My opinion is for someone who is looking to make some money toward their retirement this is a good program, if your looking to get rich quick go somewhere else, the ability to do that is here but not designed to do so.

  5. Eileen
    4 years ago

    GREAT review for one24!!!!!, that just pisses me off even more….
    I too had the keen eye to signup for this GREAT OPPORTUNITY. I got as far as, getting a green ticket and having a 124 marketing system site all set up and going, with 3 leads waiting to sign up, and get this, my green ticket from my sponsor hadn’t even been activated. 1 week later and after numerous emails back and fourth with my poor sponsor, (who’s fresh in the Biz), gets told the requirements are, you need to have an american credit card, and address. Would be nice to have seen that in the small print, that would have saved me some $$$ now down the drain.

    The bottom line is;
    - please sponsors! dont put the cart before the horse. the cart being the marketing system tool @ 29.99 a month
    - put a cut off on your site, if its only available to the US, then make sure other prospects are aware of that before they start waisting $$$$ that they cant get back, due to an error
    - And last but not least, Mark Seyforth PLEASE OPEN IN NEW ZEALAND!!!

    sad for now kiwi
    Eileen´s last [type] ..MLM Prospecting – Powerful Responses To Overcome These 4 Common Objections

  6. Lynette
    4 years ago

    I am not nor was ever a representative for this company, in fact I never heard of them until I received a check for $3,847.23. Made out to me & the check said “payment for cash”, it didn’t come with any letter or explanation. The check had a PO Box for Melbourne, Fl but was mailed from Michigan. I looked up the website & tried to call the # listed on the site to see why would I get a check from them. The phone answers & the auto message starts playing then cuts of (I tried calling several times, it kept doing the same thing). So I sent them an email, no reply. I sent a support ticket like the site suggests, again, no reply. I then clicked on the live chat option. I asked a very simple question “what city & state is your company based out of”. They replied “what do you mean based out of”. I said where are you located, they replied “we need your computer IP address, date of birth & address”. I said what for? No reply, they disconnected the chat. I started again, I explained about the check & asked if I could speak to someone. They gave me the same # listed on the site. I told them the # doesn’t work. They replied “this is the reason we don’t answer the phones, due to these types of questions”!!! I replied, so you gave me a # knowing that there was zero chance of me talking to someone? Is this company legit. They replied “our phones don’t work anymore”. Then they disconnected again. I then called the bank listed on the check, JP Morgan Chase, gave them the check & the account # on the check etc. They looked up the account info & said there were SEVERAL complaints that this company is sending checks to get your bank routing info & not to cash it, to contact the Attorney General & BBB & that they would do the same. I asked why would they need my IP address & birthday, they said once they have my checking # & the IP, birthdate they will try to hack into my banking & computer. I then emailed the company again & explained that the bank told me they are fraudulent. I then get a response, what a miracle. They said “someone stole their checks”. To me this company is a scam. I would avoid it at all costs.

  7. Lynette
    4 years ago

    oh, I forgot this part, during the chat they gave me an address for the office. When I looked it up on Google & in the property appraisers site it came up as a realtors office. I then contacted the realtor & they said they never heard of One 24.

  8. One24
    4 years ago

    This is a great article,thank you for your review. This basically exactly what doing the due diligence needs to know.

    Fontella Williams Reply:

    @One24, Glad it helped.

  9. MoneyMkr124
    4 years ago

    @Lynette…..Do you mean Century 21>? Don’t see what that has to do with One24, First if you know that you had no affiliation with the company then you know that was a scam and not only did someone take advantage of that company they are also taking advantage of the name One24 if that is the case. One24 is a legitimate business opportunity it is based on the same fundamentals of many of today’s business, supply and demand.

  10. Kerwin Burton
    3 years ago

    That is bizarre sounding? It sounds like someone running a scam that has NOTHING to do with One24. Sounds totally opposite to the majority of people out their with experience. I looked closely for negative web presence relating to One24. That was before I became a Preferred Customer this month (October2011).

    I’m working on putting my own blog together to share my experiences with One24. I’ll have it next time I post.

  11. archetype004
    3 years ago

    Hang in there, One24 will go global ;)

  12. One24 Forever
    3 years ago

    Thanks for the Review. Our One24 team is growing and looking for a blessed 2012.