The Zija Scam – Any Truth To The Accusations?

Zija Scam

Is there a Zija scam?

Countless people are on the internet everyday yearning to find a way to make additional income from home, not as a luxury, but in this economy as a means of survival.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of scams on the internet many fall prey to.  For your sakes, I have completed the research on Zija International so you can determine for yourself if indeed a Zija scam exists.

About Zija

Zija was founded in 2004 by Ken Brailsford and initially sold their product via retail, however in 2006 they changed their business model to that of network marketing.

The Zija mission was to help people to lead a healthier lifestyle.  Zija promotes liquid nutritionals, weight management and skin care products.

Their  staple product is derive from a plant called Moringa, which they refer to as “The Miracle Tree.”

This plant is stated to contain minerals, amino acids and antioxidants.  The claims are that this plant is so potent that it could aid more than 300 health conditions.

Do the products really do what they claim?  The only way to know for sure is to try it out for yourself.  When it comes to a consumable idea, it’s just a good idea to be a product of the product!

Why Are So Many Claiming A Zija Scam?

zija scamThere are some complaints that Zija is just another pyramid scheme.  Let me state clearly, those claims are not true.  If this company were a pyramid scheme, it would not be going strong for 7 years now.  Most mlm companies go out of business within the first two years.

There are several reasons people claim there’s a  Zija scam, however the main reason is that these people were once a part of Zija or know someone who was, and they or that person failed.  Not only did they fail, in fact, they ended up loosing a lot of money.

Zija Scam – Why did they lose money?

Again, there are many factors.  Simply, many did not put in the work required.  A mlm home based business is not a get rich scheme.  It requires commitment and hard work.  Most often too many people treat it as a hobby and not a legitimate business opportunity.

On the other hand, some think that all they need to do is tell family and friends about the Zija products and they will become rich.


No matter how great you think the Zija products are, they do not sell themselves.  Think I’m wrong?  Ok, set-up a display of your products in your driveway and see how many people come beating down your door.

So because people join Zija International, they run and tell their family and friends about how great the products are, they exhaust their warm market, they end up with a unused supply of unsold product, lose money and then run and shout about a Zija scam.

But the reason doesn’t lie in a Zija scam.

The actual reason is because they never learned to market their Zija business effectively.

People simply disregard the need to educate themselves on effective online marketing strategies.  If you are going to be successful in Zija, you must learn how to build your business online, as you will find that the old techniques of talking to family and friends will eventually fail you.zija scam

Zija is a great business opportunity, but if you are not leveraging the power of online marketing or aren’t’ quite sure on how to achieve success, then it is critical that you get a hold to the best mlm training from top industry experts, so you can drastically cut your learning curve, avoid months or possibly years of frustration and most of never have to go around shouting that there’s a Zija scam.


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